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Bill Leeper & Shirley Jenkins, Real Estate Divorce Specialists


Bill Leeper & Shirley Jenkins, Real Estate Divorce Specialists


Bill & Shirley understand that life transitions are stressful, emotional, and confusing at times. They bring a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to the table. In addition to their real estate experience and divorce designations, Shirley has many years of experience working in psychiatry as a clinical therapist and Bill has experience as a consultant helping individuals with change management and group decision making.

Their unique approach in representing both divorcing parties when selling the marital home results in clients feeling highly satisfied that they were heard, treated fairly and that the goal of determining the direction of mutually owned real estate was achieved.


First, there is a legal process going on at the same time as the real estate transaction. An agent without experience or training in the area of divorce real estate can be overwhelmed by the complexity of a real estate transaction happening concurrently with a legal one.

As founders of Your Colorado Home Group, we have extensive backgrounds helping divorcing couples with real estate and are Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialists (CREDS) and Certified Divorce Real Estate Professionals (CDREP). This makes us highly qualified to provide a neutral third party to handle complex, potentially volatile situations.

The second main difference is that we make sure to provide fiduciary responsibility to both spouses. Unlike a “traditional” real estate transaction involving two people on the same page, a divorce real estate transaction requires the agents to provide fiduciary duty to two people who may have different opinions on how to move forward.

Two Agents, One Team
Our unique business model incorporates two agents—one for each spouse—both certified divorce specialists working towards the same desired result. Utilizing two certified divorce specialists allow each seller to feel represented in a real estate transaction that expertly blends a legal process with a real estate transaction—a transaction that has sequence and time requirements that don’t always blend well with the emotional aspects of divorce.

We are highly trained to treat the two parties—and their differing objectives—with equal respect. As trained certified divorce experts our extensive experience allows us to defuse many volatile conflicts. We understand how to provide a listening ear and acknowledge and represent each party’s grievances while offering practical ways to break a deadlock.

The Third big difference in divorce real estate: we often are working in a time frame that doesn’t easily accommodate emotions. According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, selling a house is the third of the five top stressors in life. Divorce is second.

Selling a house = stress; Divorce + selling a house = STRESS
Your Colorado Home Group is sensitive to the difficulty inherent in this situation. We listen, guide and negotiate on your behalf, allowing you to function at your highest level during a time that might otherwise have you paralyzed. Both of us are trained to treat the two of you – and your possibly differing objectives – with respect. Their extensive experience allows these highly trained certified divorce experts to defuse many volatile conflicts.

While Shirley has Clinical Psychology experience, Bill has extensive experience as a consultant in Conflict Resolution and Change Management. Together we listen, acknowledge and represent each of the marital partner’s positions while keeping an eye on the larger objective: selling the marital home to both parties’ advantage.

This is an emotional issue—with serious financial consequences. We offer a no-cost consultation to walk you through the decision process. We want you to have to know what you will net if you sell. We will help you crunch the numbers. All of the numbers—sales commissions, transfer taxes and fees, staging costs, moving costs, etc. We can introduce you to a certified divorce financial adviser and/or a certified divorce mortgage specialist to see if you can qualify to keep the current home.

What are some of the questions if you want to consider keeping the house?

What are possible pitfalls if one party stays and the other is responsible for paying the mortgage?
What are the actual annual costs to maintain the home and has a recent inspection been done?
Should you keep the home and buy out your soon to be ex-spouse, or vice versa?
Can either of you really afford to keep it after the divorce?
The answers to these questions and others will help you avoid problems associated with the division of this marital asset. Historically, the family home is the asset that most often causes controversy both before and after a divorce.

As certified divorce specialists, we are experienced and well-versed in divorce property division to minimize conflict and maximize homeowner profits – all from a fair, unbiased place – we can be enlisted by either of the parties or appointed by the court to represent both you and your spouse in a divorce property transaction.

The Value of Two Agents, One Team
As Divorce Real Estate Advisors/Experts, Bill and Shirley, together, bring the value of their experience and training:

  • Over 400 homes sold locally
  • Top producing team in Colorado’s largest real estate office with over 540 agents and personally recognized by 5280 Magazine as being in the top 7% of all realtors in the Denver metro area
  • Specially developed marketing strategies for divorce situations to get you top dollar in the shortest amount of time.
  • Exclusive access to top realtors world-wide
  • 29 years of corporate and Real Estate Consulting
  • 15 years of clinical therapy experience
  • Market experts to assist you in valuing any real estate