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Johnny Depp Throwing More Shade ”“ Asks For Attorney Fees From Ex-Wife

The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard divorce continues to get spicier and spicier.

A few days before Christmas, Depp’s team of lawyers filed new documents with the court asking for Heard to pay up – $100,000 in attorney fees. Depp’s team says that Heard owes Depp the cash because she has continued to litigate the divorce which has been settled in an attempt to milk her 15 minutes of fame even longer. Harsh.

If Heard doesn’t pay up, Depp says he should be allowed to withhold the $100,000 from his settlement payments to Heard.

Heard’s attorneys fired back with some shade of their own, quipping that Depp had “rediscovered his comic touch with this laughable motion.” They claim that Depp’s latest action against Heard is just another thinly veiled attempt at not paying her what she is owed. Additionally, Heard’s attorneys claimed that Depp was not adhering to the terms of the divorce agreed upon by both parties. He has failed to comply with court-ordered mandates including property division, returning Heard’s belongings and transferring the title to a Range Rover into Heard’s name.

Recently, the couple made headlines after Depp donated part of Heard’s divorce settlement to charity, preempting Heard, who had made it publicly known that she intended to donate the money. Heard’s attorneys took offense to the donation, stating that by making the donation instead of giving the money to Heard, Depp was depriving Heard of tax benefits she would receive through her charitable giving.

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