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Spousal support, or alimony, is a monthly financial payment from the higher earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse. Usually, it is set for a short-term duration, such as a half a year to a few years in order for the lower-earning spouse to get back on their feet. However, spousal support may be set for an indefinite period (until one of the parties dies) when it becomes apparent that the lower-earning spouse does not have a likely ability to support themselves, and/or the other party is much more wealthy. Contact our Englewood, CO alimony lawyers to learn more about your options as an alimony receiving or paying spouse.

Types of Alimony Payments in Colorado

There are various types of alimony or spousal support payments in Colorado, including:

  • Lump Sum – As the name implies, this is a one-time payment, in lieu of marital property;
  • Reimbursement – If a spouse paid for the other’s education or job training, the recipient spouse may be ordered to reimburse the other spouse.
  • Rehabilitative – This type of alimony is for the purpose of training or education, used to help the lower earning spouse become financially self-sufficient;
  • Spousal Support During Divorce – Divorce takes time and resources. In fact, the court will not enter a divorce decree until a 90 day mandatory waiting period, according to Colorado Courts. Alimony can be awarded to the lower-earning spouse during the divorce to help them live the lifestyle they are accustomed to; and
  • Permanent Support – In some cases, alimony will be paid indefinitely

How is Alimony Decided, and Can Men Receive Alimony?

Alimony is decided by a judge after taking in all the relevant information and arguments from each party’s attorney. It is awarded based on the following set of criteria:

  • Age and health of each spouse;
  • Duration of marriage;
  • Income of each spouse;
  • Ability of lower-earning spouse to support themselves in the future;
  • Finances of each spouse;
  • If there were children in the marriage;
  • The possible supporting role that the lower-earning spouse had during the marriage, such as caring for children, homemaking, etc.; and
  • The possibility of the lower-earning spouse giving up their own career or ambitions to support the higher earning spouse’s career.

Additionally, spousal support is not just for women. It used to be that women only made up 14.8 percent of the workforce 50 years ago. In 2010, women make up 47 percent of the workforce, according to the American Bar Association. As such, alimony laws have changed greatly with the time. Men have an equal right to alimony as women.

Reach Out to an Accomplished Englewood, CO Alimony Lawyer Today for Legal Assistance

Alimony decisions greatly impact both parties for months and years to come. It is not advisable to solve disputes without the legal assistance of an attorney because of this great impact. Please feel free to reach out to one of our compassionate and professional Englewood, CO alimony lawyers at once for assistance. We are here to help you in every way that we can.

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