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No Plans This Valentine’s Day? Here Are 5 Ways To Treat Yourself!

Whether you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with someone or are lone wolfing it, putting yourself first should always a priority. We put together a list of 5 self-care activities you can do to take time for yourself this holiday weekend. Make sure to treat yourself to a few relaxing activities that put you in your happy place because YOU deserve it!

1. Get a Massage –

This is one of the best, most relaxing gifts you can give yourself. If there was ever a time to splurge and schedule that deep tissue massage you’ve been dreaming of, this is that time. Unwind and release all of that stress from your body so you can focus on being the best version of your amazing self!


2. Order Your Favorite Food –

You know there is that one restaurant or dish that you have been craving lately but felt too guilty to order. Now is the time to give in and indulge in something you love. Life is too short to feel guilty for eating delicious food. If you needed a sign that now is the right time to get the steak and lobster from that expensive restaurant, well then this is it!


3. Take a Hot Bath –

A simple way to relax this weekend is to fill up your tub with some bubbles and light some candles to give yourself a little escape from hectic, everyday life. Soak up the peace and quiet while soaking up bubbles this V-day.


4. Go to a Yoga or Meditation Class –

To some, the thought of physical activity is not their idea of relaxation, but for others, yoga or meditation might be right up your alley to get away and reset this weekend. Your physical and mental health is so important, so taking some time to reflect internally and get your body moving might be just what you need.


5. Have a Movie Marathon With Some Friends –

If spending this holiday alone isn’t something you are too keen on, then organizing a get together with friends can also be a great form of therapy. Snuggling up in some comfy clothes, watching funny rom-coms, and having a great conversation with friends might be the best way to treat yourself this Valentine’s day to not feel so alone.


We know this holiday is not a lot of people’s favorite, and it can be hard if it is the first one you are spending alone after a divorce or separation from a partner. But we hope this list will spark some inspiration on ways to make it as enjoyable as possible! Self-care is always a good idea, and even when it isn’t a holiday, don’t forget to treat yo’ self!