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How Can a Parenting Intermediary Help Me after Divorce?


BLOG DM How Can Social Media Hurt My Custody Case PHOTO 20141024 194003 1Divorce is hard; when children are in the picture, it only gets harder.

That is why many co-parents will enlist the services of a parenting intermediary. A parenting intermediary is a person who maintains neutrality between co-parents in order to observe their behavior and to act as a peacemaker between them. Parenting intermediaries can provide significant benefits to divorced parents and help to reduce conflict within the family.

The main goal of a parenting intermediary is to teach parents to understand how to be more aware of the child’s needs above their own. Because an intermediary has an outside perspective on parenting, he or she can walk the parents through any issue that needs to be resolved in an effective manner.

Intermediaries and Parenting Plans

Coming up with a custody arrangement can be one of the most stressful and difficult tasks for divorcing co-parents. Meeting with an intermediary is the perfect way for co-parents to discuss a custody plan in a civil and reasonable manner. For a newly divorcing couple, agreeing with one another on the issues of child custody is very challenging; an intermediary will help you see past one another’s differences so that a parenting plan can be created that best suits the child.

The work of an intermediary does not stop at the creation of the parenting plan; in fact, sometimes it is just as hard to enforce a custody agreement as it is to draft one. If a dispute arises, your intermediary can help cool the fires. After all, conflict is bad for the kids; it is your responsibility as a parent to keep your children away from conflict, and an intermediary can help you do just that.

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