How Does Your Colorado Family Law Firm Handle Divorce Cases?

Colorado Divorce Attorney Explains The Process

The Denver divorce attorneys at Divorce Matters® like to keep all of our divorce cases as amicable as possible. However, a person cannot control what the other party will do, which may make the divorce or child custody case contentious and drive up attorney fees unnecessarily. In this video, Colorado divorce lawyer Kathlyn Laraway explains how our attorneys begin the divorce process, from service of process up through the initial status conference.

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Video Transcript:

Once a petition is filed, what we like to do is just simply draft a letter to the other party. We let them know who we are, that we’re here to represent their spouse and we want to move forward in an amicable fashion. One thing we do is we provide them with documentation they’re going to need going forward, like sworn financial statements. We give them a blank copy and we let them know to contact us with any questions generally. You know, if they won’t waive service, then we do have to have that process server go out and, you know, serve the person in person. That’s generally not our favorite thing because it’s really a way to start in a high conflict way and it’s not a good idea to start a divorce in a high conflict fashion. We like to start it, you know, as easy as possible and keep the process as low conflict as possible. But if they really truly won’t waive service, if they really truly won’t respond, then we are going to have to hire that process server to go out and serve them. So after they’ve been served, they have 21 days to file a response, and then what happens is the court sets what’s called an initial status conference, and once the initial status conference is set then the parties appear before the judge. And it is really truly that, an initial status conference, to find out what’s going on in the case. Are there children? Is there a need for immediate orders? Is there a need for temporary orders? That sort of thing.

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