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Navigating Your First Holiday Post-Divorce


Navigating your first holiday season after divorce can be stressful, especially if you and your ex share children. We have pulled together some tips for you to survive the holiday season, whether you have your kids for the holidays or not.  

If You Get to Spend the Holiday with Your Kids…  
  1. See the Holiday as a New Beginning: This is the beginning of a new chapter in you and your children’s lives, so treat it as such! Create new traditions for just you and kids to enjoy and make sure to keep the old traditions as well. The kids will enjoy the comfort of the old traditions and the excitement of the new ones!  
  2. Spend Extra Time with Your Kids: Make sure that your kids know they come first! Spend as much time as you can as a family over the holidays and enjoy the time you all have together.  
  3. Remember to Include Your Ex (Just a Little): Allow your children to talk to and about your ex over the holiday, even if you would prefer not to. It allows the children to see you as a unit and keeps both parents involved in their children’s lives, which is the best thing for the children.  
  4. Consider Celebrating the Holidays Together: This is not a feasible option for everyone. However, if you and your ex have been navigating co-parenting successfully this is a great opportunity to put the kids first and celebrate together.  


If You Don’t Get to Spend the Holiday with Your Kids…  
  1. Don’t Isolate Yourself: Be sure to surround yourself with love if you are without your children this year. It is important to enjoy the holiday with your friends and family and while it may be difficult to imagine the holiday without your kids, it is in your best interest to enjoy yourself and your time with family!  
  2. Keep Busy: Try not to focus on the negatives. The first holiday as a divorced couple can be difficult, but make sure to keep busy with activities you enjoy and people you love. 
  3. Take Care of Yourself: Allow yourself to enjoy the joy of the season and make sure to take care of yourself through the holidays. This means something different for everyone, but it is important to take “self-care” time whenever you can.  

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