Who Is Divorce Matters?

Divorce Matters is a family law firm consisting of 15 experienced family law attorneys and 25 support staff serving all of Colorado, with offices in the Denver Tech Center, Lakewood, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Since our founding ten years ago, we have helped thousands of clients throughout all of Colorado transition to their new future with dignity and compassion.

The core values that we practice are integrity, tenacity, compassion and excellence. All of our employees, from the client relations specialists to the partners, uphold these values every day. Our approach is always a client-focused, humanistic one where we provide guidance and wisdom when you need it most. When you begin the process by calling into our firm, we have a dedicated intake team that listens to your situation and pairs you with the attorney that they believe you will work the best with. Once you’ve had your initial consultation with your attorney and you have decided to become a client, the line of communication is always open, and we will strive to never drop the ball on you and your case.

We truly care about your experience with us and want you to get the most out of your time with Divorce Matters, from start to finish. We know these are difficult times in your life, but we are here to take some of that stress and frustration away. Hiring one of our attorneys to handle your case can benefit you in so many ways, but often the most important immediate impact is that we will make the process less difficult for you by removing stress, anxiety and fear from the equation. Our firm can assist you with a wide array of issues – from big to small, simple to complex – and we take pride in handling every case with tenacity, compassion, integrity and excellence. Our #1 goal is to set you and your family up for a happy, successful future.

If you need our services or would like to set up an initial consultation with one of our attorneys today, please contact us here.

The Best Post-Divorce Activities for You and Your Children

Now that you have divorced, your family unit has changed. As a single parent, you are now the one in charge when the children are with you. You no longer have to worry about the wants and needs of a spouse, which means you now have the freedom to choose activities that you want to do, as well as fun things that your children will enjoy.

Keeping busy is essential after a divorce. When you have too much free time, your mind tends to focus on negativity. Therefore, you can help you and your children recover from the effects of divorce by participating in fun activities. Here are some fun post-divorce activities to consider.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts classes can help bring out your child’s creative side. To be sure, Denver is home to a number of pottery studios, which may offer summer programs for children as well as classes for parents and children to work on projects together. You’ll work with clay to learn pottery through wheel-throwing and handbuilding.

If you prefer other types of arts and crafts””such as painting, jewelry making or some other interest you and children share””you should be able to find classes in your area.

Trampoline Park

Jumping on a trampoline may seem repetitive, but there are fun activities included in the jumping zones. There are several trampoline parks in the Centennial area that offer activities such as obstacle courses, inflatables, sports, slides, jumping walls and parkour-type activities. Jumping is a great way to release energy. Parents can get in on the act as well and burn off stress.

Try a Sporting Activity

Bowling, miniature golf, roller skating and indoor rock climbing are all fun activities that parents and children can do together. Decide on something you haven’t done before and make plans to try it out. Who knows, it may become a regular thing.

Go to a Fair or Festival

Colorado has some type of fair, festival, show or event happening most weekends. Look online for information about county fairs, the state fair, local carnivals and other fun events that your children would enjoy. Many of these events are day-long events that allow you spend quality time with your kids and enjoy yourself without thinking about the divorce.

Go Out to Eat

Even something as simple as going out for a meal or dessert can become a fun thing to do with your kids. It can easily become a routine that your children will look forward to. Have them choose a new different restaurant so you can try something new and have some variety.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Lakewood Divorce Lawyer

Families change after a divorce. You are now a single parent, so take this time to focus on doing activities that you and your children can enjoy together. Colorado offers many fun activities for families. The Centennial lawyers at Divorce Matters can help you adjust to life as a single parent and explain more about family law in Colorado. To get connected to resources in your community, contact us at (720) 408-7469.

Ways to Unwind After Divorce

After a divorce it is important not to forget to take care of yourself and make sure that you are doing things to help propel you into your new future. Here are a few quick and easy ways you can indulge yourself just a little bit:

  • Take a day trip somewhere on your own
  • Reconnect with your friends and family
  • Buy a little something you’ve always wanted (nothing too crazy!)
  • Take yourself to the spa
  • Start working out, it reduces anxiety and fights depression
  • Try something new, whether it is a hair cut, a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try or that play you always wanted to go see

Gavin Speaks Out – The Hardest Part Of Divorce With Gwen Stefani

The notoriously private Gavin Rossdale, now coaching singers on “The Voice UK,” recently opened up about his feelings on his divorce from No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani. Rossdale said the divorce “was completely opposite to what I wanted,” expressing regret and saying that divorce is “one of the hardest, most painful things to go through.”

The divorce was highly publicized. In August 2015, the couple split up after a long stint of 13 years of marriage and 20 years as a couple. They presented the divorce as amicable, although rumors were abound regarding infidelity as the reason for the split. They said that despite no longer being married, they would continue to be partners in parenthood for their three children, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.

Dealing With Divorce Regret

A study from the UK shows that slightly over half of divorcees regret splitting with their exes for some reason or another. Another 40 percent said that they would consider giving their failed marriage another shot. How do people cope with second thoughts about their divorces?

  1. Don’t be impulsive. Divorce is a uniquely stressful time and it makes sense to have second thoughts within a few weeks (or days ”“ or hours) of a split. Give yourself ample time to process your thoughts and the life changes inherent to divorce.
  2. As you start to see other people, don’t judge those people based on your ex. Any new partner is going to have their own problems, so placing the good parts of your ex on a pedestal for comparison to your new partner is only going to cause strife.
  3. Realize that reconciliation with your ex is probably better in theory than in practice. Studies show that “cyclical couples” often suffer from low communication and relationship satisfaction. Remember ”“ there was a reason you got divorced.

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Divorce Can Crash Your Credit ”“ Prepare Yourself!

Credit is highly important in our society. Our economy runs on credit, and with good credit you are much more likely to be able to get a mortgage loan, student loan, car loan and many other types of financial aid. But major life events can have a huge impact on your credit ”“ and divorce is one of those. Here are just a few ways a divorce can crash your credit:

  1. Divorce expenses. Divorce can be expensive, and many people will decide to use credit cards to either pay off those divorce expenses directly, or to cover other life essentials that they would normally use their cash for. When they do this, it increases their credit card utilization, and too much credit card utilization can result in a hit to your credit.
  2. Failure to make payments. You may find that during divorce, you have a harder time paying off your financial obligations such as your car payment, your utility bills or your mortgage. This can be due to the aforementioned divorce expenses, or simply because without the dual income afforded by marriage, you are struggling with your financial obligations. Additionally, you probably share several accounts with your soon-to-be-ex. Divorce doesn’t stop you from having to pay debts on these joint accounts, and if your spouse fails to make payments, it will hurt your credit.
  3. On the note of shared accounts ”“ if you share things like credit cards and your spouse gets wind that a divorce might be on the horizon, your spouse might take measures to utilize those joint cards to rack up debt. It could be a vindictive response to intentionally harm you, or it could just be your spouse’s way of looking out for number one. Get yourself separated from those accounts as soon as possible.

Our Denver divorce law attorneys can help you get your finances in order during a divorce to protect your credit.