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Single Parent Going to School? It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


Single Parent Going to SchoolIt’s back to school season, and not just for the kids! The struggles of a single parent trying to put his or herself through school are huge. There’s just never enough time in the day ”“ you have to manage the kids, your work, your car payments, house payments, all of the bills, the divorce process if you are recently separated ”“ we’ll stop there, you’re overwhelmed enough already!
Fortunately, you are not the first to go through this. Here is some advice from men and women who have gone through your struggles in the past and came out on top:

  • Do it on your time. So you work nine to five and the babysitter can’t stay any longer. You can plan around this! Many schools offer robust night school and online options for the busy student.
  • Find out as much as you can about financial aid, scholarships and grants ”“ they aren’t just for teenagers! Having aid can help keep food on the table, gas in the car and debt collectors off your phone line.
  • Build a strong support network. You could absolutely handle this alone, but why on Earth would you want to? Your friends, family and even school could help you with transportation, childcare and anything else you will need to help you pursue your degree.
  • Do your schoolwork together with your children! Not only will it allow you some more time with them, but setting a positive example and interacting with them will also help them in their own academic life.
  • Take time for yourself. If all you have is stress, your stress is only going to radiate out onto your loved ones and detract from your work.

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