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Do You Need To Discuss Your Divorce In Your Workplace?

Divorce is an already difficult situation, and when you are facing work on Monday it can seem even more daunting. What are you supposed to share with your co-workers and what should you keep to yourself? Should you share the news you are going through a divorce with your boss or human resources?
Eventually you will let human resources know about your divorce, mostly for practical reasons as you will need to update a lot of your benefits paperwork once the divorce is finalized. You may also want to share the news privately with your direct superior so that they understand what is going on when you have to take time off for things such as mediation or attorney meetings.
When it comes to speaking about it with your co-workers in general, you will want to exercise discretion. Are you a person who is very close to your co-workers? Some people will have developed close friendships with some of their co-workers independent of their professional relationship. If this is the case, feel free to share what you are comfortable sharing. However, do not feel obligated to share it with every one of your coworkers.