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Don’t Let The Winter Blues Get You Down

So Thanksgiving is over but Christmas is just around the corner and you’re starting to realize that with all of the cold weather coming and shorter days that you haven’t been as active as you were during the summer. This is completely natural for anyone, but it is important for your physical and mental health to not allow this to keep you from physical activity.

There are easy things you can do every day that get you moving a little bit more than normal. Try taking the stairs at work to get up to your floor and print off items at the printer farthest away from your desk. Or you can try taking brisk walks during your lunch break, when the day is most likely at its warmest.
Another great option if you are looking for more vigorous exercise is to join a gym where you can work out inside and away from the cold and the darker mornings and evenings. Making it a habit will quickly get you in the groove and soon enough it will seem like second nature.
Whether you decide to make small changes to your routine or larger ones, trying to fit in a little bit more physical activity during the winter will not only keep you physically healthy but you will find it also helps keep your mental health sharp as well.