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Dating after Divorce

You might feel pressured post-divorce to start dating again. Perhaps your friends or relatives might encourage you, or you might feel stressed at the prospect of spending time alone. But figuring out when you are ready to date is a decision you should make for yourself, not to placate your social circle.

Here are some tips to follow when dating post-divorce:

  • It’s up to you when to start dating again, not your calendar. Some people might be ready after a month or two, while some take years. Work through your feelings before diving back into the dating scene.
  • If you’re still thinking about what your ex is doing or who he or she is dating, you are probably still too distracted for a healthy relationship.
  • Accept yourself as an individual. Being in a relationship should not define your identity. Take some time to explore life on your own terms, as jumping into a new relationship just to avoid being single is unhealthy for you and unfair to your dating partners.
  • Especially when you’ve been involved in a long-term relationship, you may find that the dating scene has changed since you were last involved. Nowadays it is not uncommon to utilize online dating sites, which take some of the guesswork out of finding other singles. If you are ready to date, don’t shun online options as nontraditional ”“ they are rapidly becoming the norm.
  • Dating is an adult decision. It is fine to worry about how your children might perceive you dating other people, but don’t let them stop you if you feel ready to date again. Do be careful ”“ your children are also coping with your divorce, and being too flagrant or quick with your children meeting new partners can cause a backlash. You should only introduce your children to a potential partner that has long-term prospects, and when you do so, you should ease your children into the idea of having that person around.

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