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D-I-Why? Divorce Pro Se Can Cost You More


Sad Parent with Child 20150708 203315 1Many couples considering divorce will wonder if they can do it themselves, without the need for legal representation. In some cases, sure ”“ the forms are available online, and the costs of divorce can be brought down if the couple can work it out on their own. However, pinching pennies going into a divorce often can lead to dire financial ramifications later on.

The truth of the matter is that it is hard for a couple to understand what constitutes equitable shares of marital property without the assistance of divorce lawyers.

Advantages of Using a Family Law Attorney

Attorneys provide much more than just a sunken cost in your divorce. Family law attorneys know the law. They know what to say in order to make sure that you are getting your due share of your marital assets. They know what papers to file, what to say in court and how to mediate disagreements. They know how to create clear, binding agreements devoid of unclear provisions and potentially unenforceable terms. They help you avoid making mistakes while navigating the complicated field of divorce law. They can help ensure that the disclosure of assets is total and transparent.

Adding on, couples who skip legal representation up front for the divorce often end up needing legal representation later on to undo the mistakes they made.

There is a time where it is absolutely necessary that you hire a lawyer for your divorce ”“ when your spouse has one and you don’t. You do not want to have to face a legal professional in matters involving your divorce using only the information you were able to obtain online.

Let a Lawyer Help You Avoid Common Divorce Mistakes

If you have no meaningful assets, no children and no property with your spouse, then perhaps a DIY divorce will be fine for you. But if you have homes, cars, stocks, businesses ”“ a lawyer will help ensure that you do not make any drastic financial mistakes in your divorce.

The Denver divorce attorneys at Divorce Matters take a client-centered approach to ensure the smoothest possible divorce process.