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Can The Price Of Your Wedding Predict Your Likelihood Of Divorce?

According to The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study, the average price of a modern wedding is $32,000. Weddings have been getting more and more expensive, for a variety of reasons, part of it having to do with an increased desire for a unique wedding.

“The larger the rock, the rockier the marriage,” as famously stated by we have no idea who. So keep that in mind if you are planning nuptials exceeding $20,000 in price. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Biomedical Informatics, weddings over $20,000 make you 3.5 times more likely to divorce.

Why, Though?

Some say that a lavish ceremony could be a sign that the couple is marrying for all the wrong reasons. Some studies suggest that when men marry for looks, divorce is 1.5 times more likely, and when women marry for wealth, divorce is 1.6 times more likely. A showy, extravagant wedding meant to show off looks and wealth could end up causing financial stress for the couple when they get the bill. Money matters like debt are one of the most popular reasons for a couple to divorce.

Another idea is that by putting so much emphasis on the wedding, the couple may begin seeing the wedding not as the beginning of their journey together, but instead the highlight, only to go downhill from there. Instead of focusing on the relationship, they focus on the big day ”“ the reception, the honeymoon, the rings and dresses and tuxedos and cocktails and catering ”“ and this can sour the post-nuptial outlook.

One way to lower the costs of your divorce is to have the help of experienced legal counsel.