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At Divorce Matters®, you come first.

Whether you’re a father or a mother, young or old, we can help you through your divorce. Getting divorced can be scary and complicated. We’re here to guide you through the process and help protect what matters most to you.

Whether it’s child custody, alimony, or the division of property that concerns you most, we have the experience to help you work towards your ideal outcome.

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See why over 1,000 families have already chosen Divorce Matters® to represent them, as real Divorce Matters® clients share their experience with our firm.

Client Reviews From:

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“Justin Oliver was great to work with. He was very professional with the divorce process. Whenever I called he got back to me immediately and had such excellent advice. I would definitely recommend Justin to anyone that was going through a divorce. He is a very nice person!”

– by Karen Stark

“After several months of me battling with my former divorce attorney, I decided to terminate him, and I hired attorney Justin Oliver. I should had hired Mr. Oliver from day one, because he is very professional. If you are searching for one of the best divorce attorneys in Fort Collins, make sure you call attorney Justin Oliver first. I highly recommend him.”

– by Nancy Niemes

“Ashley Balicki represented me in my recent divorce and could not have offered a better service. Her advice and counsel was very helpful while dealing with this less than desirable situation. She also did what she could to help mitigate costs for me as much as possible. I highly recommend the counsel from Thomas and Associates Law Firm.”

– by Tarleton2012

“No one plans on a divorce. As someone in the legal industry I knew I was going to use Divorce Matters and was happy that Bridget Finn would be representing me. She is understanding honest and a pleasure to work with. She never pushed me into anything and truly took the time to understand what was important to me. If you have to go through the end of a relationship I would say to contact Bridget!”

– by Molly Morris

“Through a rough 9 months, David and his staff always took great care to be understanding and highly skilled at dealing with my case. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great attorney with compassion and thorough understanding of the law.”

– by Rebecca

“I could not be more pleased with the services provided by Divorce Matters during a very difficult time in my life. It was a relief knowing that my lawyer and paralegal were on top of all court documents and were always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. The process could not have gone smoother due to their diligence. All of my encounters with the staff were extremely friendly, kind and professional. I particularly appreciate the explicit detail in potential fees and accuracy in estimates. Anyone going through a divorce I strongly recommend using the legal services of Divorce Matters. An excellent lawyer is worth your peace of mind.”

– by Chris

“I worked with David, my divorce was made difficult because of my now ex. David did his best to calm opposing council and get them back on track. They finally settled the day of the hearing, David was a big part of getting that done. I kept my house and do not have to pay alimony. I guess that is really the best case scenario.”

– by Steven

“If you need a divorce attorney in the Denver area, hiring attorney Will Smith of Divorce Matters should be your priority. As an added bonus, you get to work with his very capable, and profession paralegal, Molly Damrow.Every single step of the way, Will was most interested in handling this case in the most cost-effective way possible. As I beat my head against the wall and thought we should just go to trial, Will was instrumental in talking me down and moving towards our eventual resolution without a trial. He wanted to save me money in the long run, by settling up. Divorce is expensive, no way around it. BUT, this team is knowledgeable, professional, and interested in working towards a resolution that is fair for both sides.”

– by Joe

“A team of attorneys that listen and help through a difficult time. Thank you Will, Kathlyn, Doug, Molly, Nicky, and Simone.”

– by Roger

“When I came for my first consultation at Divorce Matters I was feeling scared and honestly hopeless. Bridget listened to me intently and by the time I asked her to represent me I was relieved. She stuck by me through a tremendously stressful legal battle and in the end my outcome was even better than I could have hoped.”

– by Jennifer

“My experience was strong and supportive! We all go through tough times and this was one of those times for me. I didn’t know who or where to turn to. My attorney and the whole practice guided through the process and helped bring me to the best outcome.”

– by Corey

Client Reviews From:

avvo reviews

“I cannot say enough about how much Will has done for my case. Over the course of three years, Will guided me through the legal process of my divorce as well as my custody battle. Having a lawyer you can count on to properly handle your case with a firm legal hand and invaluable guidance is imperative. Will always responded to every situation that presented itself perfectly. Even when the cards were stacked against me in my case, Will knew how to handle every situation and I found great comfort in that. I knew that I was in the best hands with Will and most important I trusted his advice through every situation. Will took the time to explain the positive and negative sides of each choice that we made in my case and helped guide me to make the best decisions. In the end, because of Will’s exceptional guidance and actions my case had a positive outcome. In a negative situation and a very stressful time, knowing I had solid representation meant that I could be present in my everyday life knowing Will would handle any situation that came up. I would definitely recommend William E. Smith to anyone needing an experienced lawyer who will fight for you and your case.”

– by Jessie

“Kathlyn did a great job with my divorce case. She was always very personable, knowledgeable and helped me understand the process. She was great in helping me settle my case instead of letting my case drag out. She was very courteous of my time and financial situation. I would absolutely hire her again if legal council was ever needed.”

– by Andrea

“Will’s excellent knowledge of Colorado family law resulted in a carefully crafted divorce agreement with financial and custody details that far exceeded my expectations. The divorce negotiations could have dragged on for a significant amount of time if it weren’t for Will’s persistent negotiation skills. His expertise in identifying workable solutions achieved a resolution without having to go to court.Will’s foresight when creating the divorce agreement prevented many financial and custody disagreements over the year since my divorce has been finalized. Not having to be confronted by financial and custody issues, enabled me to move on with my life.Will and his paralegal always provided clear and concise answers to all my questions in a very prompt manner.”

– by Heidi

“When the times get tough, the tough get tougher. David is highly experienced and a strong yet gentle attorney. When my case looked like it couldn’t be won after being 15 years old, David helped me win what I deserved!”

– by Rebecca

“Mrs. Laraway represented me during my recent divorce. At a very difficult time, through a very confusing process, Kathlyn was an extraordinary ally. My divorce had some unusual issues and circumstances which Kathlyn navigated expertly. Her advice was always consistent and realistic, which helped me stay focused on what was important.  Mrs. Laraway also showed great knowledge and skill in our courtroom appearances. Her performance on my case, both in and out of the courtroom, was exceptional.”

– by Justin

“I really felt that David was on my side throughout the whole process. I had a difficult case with a large amount of money tied up in a trust. David researched a lot of documents and found a way for me to get an agreeable outcome.”

– by Kimberly

“David Kalisek did an outstanding job representing me during a divorce case. He was always engaged and professional and stayed on top of all the deadlines and court requirements. He helped me stay relaxed and avoided putting additional pressure on me. I always knew he represented my best interests and those of my children throughout the proceedings.”

– by Anonymous

“I am very satisfied working with David through this difficult time. He was very thorough, honest, open and candid as we worked through decisions that had to be made during this process. David’s professionalism in court was impressive and I believe I received the best outcome I could hope for. I felt that David and his staff truly cared for my well being and worked hard to get the results we achieved. I highly recommend David to anyone in need of these services.”

– by Jeff

“I have to say, Kathlyn was not only a fantastic attorney, she was personable. Some attorneys are more black and white, rigid, not always outgoing, etc. Kathlyn kept me in the loop, had time to laugh with me during difficult times, and showed that she really cared about helping me out.”

– by Phillip

Client Reviews From:

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10 best client satisfaction, American Institute of Family Law Attorney
NAFLA Top 10 Ranking, Nation's Premier
The National Advocates Top 40 Under 40
BBB: A+ Acredited Business
AVVO Rating 10.0 - Top Attorney Family
Expertise Best Arbitrators & Mediators in Denver
2018 Top 40 Lawyer Under 40
Super Lawyers Rising Stars
Askthelawyer.com profile link
2019 Top 40 Lawyer Under 40
Best Family Lawyers in Aurora

Words From Our Clients

I appreciated that not only did Will know law like I know my colors, but he was a counselor as well and guided me through the process. I was nervous many times but was able to fully out my trust in what he was doing and I couldn't be happier. I will continue to refer people to him as o hear of those needing assistance.


Going through a challenging divorce is hell, your team had my back and represented me with a solid council. I have my daughters and got to stay in Colorado with them. I cannot thank you enough.


Keep doing what you doing; your firm rocks!


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