What If My Ex Refuses to Pay Court Ordered Spousal Support?

Denver Divorce Lawyer On Court Ordered Spousal Support

The family law firm Divorce Matters® understands how much unnecessary stress arises when a spouse or ex-spouse refuses to pay court-ordered maintenance in Colorado (also known as alimony or spousal support). Denver divorce lawyer Kathlyn Laraway explains multiple options for what to do if you are not receiving your spousal support during or after a divorce. To review your family law situation, contact our Denver law officetoday at (720) 386-9176.

Video Transcript:

So if a person is awarded maintenance and the other party is refusing to pay it, and this goes with every court order, you have several options. But, one option would be to try wage assignment, and what that means is that it is taken directly out of their paycheck and sent to the other person and they don’t really get an opportunity to not pay it, it is just garnished from their wages. If they aren’t working or you can’t somehow garnish their wages, and that does sometimes happen, then there is always filing an action of contempt of court for their failure to follow court orders. There’s both remedial contempt and punitive contempt when you are talking about contempt of court, and remedial contempt is just: we want the remedy to be that whatever they didn’t do they do. So if they fail to pay that alimony award of $2000 a month, they are going to be asked to pay it, usually with interest. Punitive contempt, on the other hand, can land them in jail, actually, and it’s punitive. It’s meant to punish them for failing to follow that court order.

Should I contact my ex if I’m not receiving my court-ordered support?

It depends if they have any kind of ability to communicate with their ex-spouse or not. If they have an ability to communicate, they may want to reach out and figure out what’s going on, but if they don’t and it’s been over a month, they would probably want to contact an attorney. If you need to speak with one of our attorneys either give us a call or visit our website at

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