National Boss’s Day

From everyone here at Divorce Matters, we want to wish our Founding Partner, Doug Thomas, a happy Boss’s Day! We are so appreciative of everything you do for your employees and what a great leader you are. Here are a few nice words from Divorce Matters employees on why Doug is the best boss around!






“Doug listens and processes concerns, and encourages multiple perspectives to resolve any problems. Doug pushes me so I continue to grow. He shares his knowledge and teaches different approaches to the same goal.” -Brooke


“He sets an amazing example. It makes respecting him come so naturally. He works hard and makes me want to work even harder.” -Jenni


“Wishing you a Happy Boss Day, with appreciation for all that you do. Happy Boss Day!” -Brandi


“I have worked with Doug Thomas for about six years, and he is by far the best boss I have ever had. Doug truly cares about the clients and the experience they have with our firm, cares about the personal growth and well-being of each employee, and always leads with strength and positivity. Doug is also a very savvy businessman, and embraces new technology to ensure our firm has the best tools to stay efficient and up to speed. Doug sets a clear example of serving the clients every day with integrity and efficiency while also keeping the employees happy and making sure the firm stays profitable. This has been a huge relief during the COVID pandemic when so many have lost their jobs. I never have to worry about the stability of the firm with Doug at the helm, and truly enjoy working with him. I look forward to continuing to work with Doug for several years to come. Doug, you make it look easy! Cheers to you, boss!” -Molly


“Doug is a great leader for our team and is always thinking of new innovative ways to improve our firm and motivate all employees while at the same time ensuring a positive culture and work environment.”  -Ashley


“Doug is definitely a one of a kind as far as bosses go!  He is kind, caring and if you have a problem that needs solving is always ready to listen and get it solved!”  -Dee Dee


“THOMAS, you are absolutely one of the best and most personable bosses I’ve ever had. Thank you for valuing me and thank you for all you do!” -Batman


“I’ve worked for Doug for over 6 years and he really is the best boss I’ve ever had in my career. He always puts employees first and really cares about the people that work for him!” -Kendyl


“Doug Thomas is the most amazing boss I have ever worked for. He is caring, loving, family oriented and really puts his employees first. There is not many boss’ out in the world that actually care for their employees and their well being and this boss does! ❤ ” -Nicki


“Doug is an amazing boss for so many reasons, but what stands out the most to me is that he supports the growth of everyone here at the firm, he invests in us and he truly cares. Thanks for being awesome Doug!” -Maria


“Doug is a fantastic leader – he pushes you to do and be better but will never send you off without the tools needed to succeed.” -Theresa



Thank you for all that you do to make the firm, and each of us individually, successful. We appreciate all that you do and your diligence in striving to be a market leader.” -Bridget


“Doug is such an involved and caring leader here at the firm from the top to the bottom he puts effort, a personal mister Roger’s touch, and finds teaching moments to connect with all of the employees. His dedication and presence in the office motivates us all to achieve more and dig deeper. Thank you Mr. Thomas for all that do and all that you put into this firm, I feel lucky to be here!”  -Sara


“Thank you for creating an environment that provides the psychological safety necessary for us to be able to grow and act confidently without having to fear ridicule or punishment if we have questions or make a mistake. Thank you for providing transparency concerning the state of our firm and protecting our physical and mental health to the best of your ability. Although this year has been a very difficult one for most of us, knowing that you truly care about our wellbeing, value our work, and continue to shield us from instability is inspiring and makes this a truly wonderful place to work.”  -Cathaerine


“Having worked with Doug for over five years in various administrative positions, and now as an attorney, Doug is not only one of the best people to work for, he is also a wonderful person to know. He truly values every single employee and client he has.” – Ciara