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11 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. An Emoji: This is a great costume for kids or their parents! A simple yellow t-shirt is perfect for this idea, with either a drawn on face or a printed out eyes and mouth! Fun accessories like a yellow tutu or fun sunglasses would complete this costume!
  2. Holy Guacamole: This play on words offers a perfect opportunity for a cute and quick costume! A halo headband, angel wings, and a green t-shirt are all you need to complete the look. Add avocado cut outs to the shirt for an extra “umph”!
  3. Smarty Pants: This is another play on words that is perfect for a more “low-effort” Halloween costume! All this one requires is an outfit of your choice and a pack of Smarties candy! Tape the Smarties candy to your pants and there you go!  
  4. Candy Corn: This costume should be easy to find on Amazon or at any Halloween supply store! The costume only requires a striped dress in the colors of candy corn! A cute pair of colored tights would complete this look.
  5. Bat: This is a play on the classic cat costume! All it requires is an all black outfit and some bat wings, which are available on Amazon and in most Halloween supply stores.
  6. Burrito: This quick and comfortable costume is unique and so fun! This costume will require silver bottoms of some kind (like a skirt or pants), a tan shirt, and some “lettuce”. Cut out a “Chipotle” logo to add to the costume and add any toppings you like 😉
  7. Bread Winner: Another play on words! This cute idea is perfect for anyone with some sports medals or trophies laying around. All you need is an athletic outfit, your medals or trophies, and a loaf of bread to carry around with you!
  8. Queen Bee: This adorable idea is perfect for recycling a princess crown from a previous costume. Just add a yellow and black outfit and you’re set!
  9. Brawny Man: This is a great unique idea for a guy! All you need is jeans and a black and red flannel. Add a roll of Brawny paper tolls to complete the costume.
  10. Ketchup and Mustard: A perfect couples (or besties) costume. All this one requires is a red and yellow t-shirt! You can make the costumes more or less complex as you please, with pointy head pieces, bottle labels, or matching red and yellow pants! 
  11. Minnie or Mickey Mouse: This one is a classic and perfect for a couple! A black shirt and red bottoms for each of you are a perfect “lazy” substitute for the classic polka dots. Just cap it off with a pair of ears!