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Parents that had their child or children out of wedlock have rights regarding how their child is raised, as well as rights to custody, visitation, and child support, just like the parents of children that were born during the marriage. However, when a child is born out of wedlock, certain issues arise that only a paternity test can solve. The Englewood, CO paternity lawyers at our firm are here to help mothers and fathers resolve disputes regarding who is or is not the child’s biological father.

What is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is simply a DNA test that compares the father’s DNA to the child’s DNA. DNA testing began in the 1970s and 1980s and has become virtually 100 percent accurate in identifying biological relationships since then, according to the DNA Diagnostic Center. Either the father or the mother can have a DNA test ordered through Colorado’s family court system by working with an attorney. After the results have been analyzed, it will become crystal clear whether or not the father in question is the biological father or not.

Paternity Tests are Used to Determine Child Support

It costs an astounding $12,736 per year for infant childcare, and $9,619 for a preschooler in Colorado, according to Colorado Parent, making our state one of the least affordable for childcare in the nation. Single mothers have more to pay for than just childcare, such as groceries, clothing, rent or a mortgage, and everything else necessary to raise a child. Fathers, whether they were ever married to the mother or not, have a legal obligation to pay child support. A paternity test will prove that the individual in question is the father, and is the first step to holding him accountable for the support that he owes his child.

If You are a Father, Your Rights to Visitation or Custody Start by Getting a Paternity Test

Fathers may wish to have a DNA paternity test as well. If they want to be able to make legal decisions about their child, such as where they live and how they are raised, they may need a paternity test to prove their identity in order to gain custody rights. Similarly, a paternity test will be necessary for obtaining visitation rights if the child’s mother is not sure of or denies the father’s biological identity.

Resolving Paternity Disputes in Englewood, Colorado to Help Fathers and Mothers Care for Their Child

Paternity disputes often arise when a child is born out of wedlock and the father’s identity is not known for certain at the time, or if the father was not present for a period of time after the pregnancy and birth. Our Englewood, CO paternity attorneys strive to resolve disputes in a professional and timely manner with the help of a court-ordered DNA paternity test. Contact the Englewood, CO paternity lawyers of Divorce Matters® today to get started at once, or to hear more about your legal options for resolving any potential disputes.

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