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Attorney Spotlight: Miguel Mondragon

Attorney Spotlight: Miguel Mondragon

Miguel C. Mondragon knows the value of hard work. Miguel is a southern Colorado native who worked his way through college by taking jobs in construction, as well as lumber and brick yards. This hard work instilled in Miguel a tenacious work ethic, which carries over into his legal practice to this day. After school, Miguel began working in the Larimer County Corrections System, which sparked an interest in the legal system. Miguel then attended law school at the University of South Dakota. While in law school, he spent his summers working with East River Legal services, the Colorado State Public Defenders Office, and Samuelson Law. His summer jobs gave him valuable experience to help him through law school, as well as when he graduated. Upon his graduation from The University of South Dakota Law School in 2012, Miguel began to practice law as a solo practitioner. He soon joined Weaver & Associates, where he continued to learn and hone his practice. Miguel would eventually go on to found Mondragon Law in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he would handle both criminal law and family law cases. From there, Miguel joined the amazing Divorce Matters team in Fort Collins!

Since joining the Divorce Matters team, Miguel has continued to gain experience in both criminal and family law matters. Miguel also works on trusts and estate planning. When he isn’t working, Miguel helps pro se litigants at the Larimer Bar Pro Bono Clinic, by teaching a financial disclosure class. He also enjoys spending time with his family, coaching baseball, fly fishing, camping, and hiking.

Miguel Mondragon is a tenacious and hardworking attorney who cares deeply about his clients and their legal outcomes. Whether he is helping a client through their divorce or defending them against criminal charges, Miguel understands that his clients are in their most vulnerable state. Acting as his clients’ advocate, he is able give them a voice in the legal system. Miguel says it best: “I have compassion for people and their children.  I want to help them through this process as best I can.”

To schedule an initial consultation with Miguel, call (720) 386- 9176 or visit our website!