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Attorney Spotlight: Kim Moreno


Attorney Kim Moreno originally decided to become an attorney because she wanted to give people a voice in a legal system that can be confusing and murky. Kim sees it as her role to provide her clients with the legal knowledge to make their own informed decisions. She knows how much family law cases can affect the lives of the people going through them and she wants her clients to know that while she will work tirelessly to keep them informed and give them her best advice, the choices they make are ultimately up to them. She is a zealous and empathetic advocate for her clients, especially those who have gone through the traumatizing events sometimes entrenched in family law.

Kim has experience in all types of family law, but she has a passion for working through high conflict custody cases and cases involving domestic violence. Kim has years of experience in helping victims of domestic violence, through her work with the Women’s Bar Association and Dove, a domestic violence organization. Kim’s work with Dove also allowed her to run monthly workshops, attend quarterly roundtables, and attend Family Law Task Force meetings. Her time at Dove has also given her expertise in helping children who have witnessed domestic violence.

Attorney Kim Moreno joined Divorce Matters years ago to continue her family law practice here in Colorado, where she provides her clients with the best possible legal representation. Family law has been her passion from day one and she continues to excel in representing clients in the toughest of situations.

When she isn’t in the courtroom, Kim loves spending time skiing and camping with her family!