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Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Murphy

Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy became a lawyer for one simple reason: he wants to help people. This love for law and service to others blossomed while Kevin was studying Political Science and Economics at Penn State University. While he was pursuing his undergraduate degree, Kevin was fortunate to spend time in India researching microlending policies and economic issues abroad. He continued his interested in travel and foreign culture during his time at Denver University’s Sturm Law School, where he was able to spend time in South Africa working for a non-profit organization. This international experience means the Kevin has worked with people from all walks of life, both in his college career and continuing on into his professional career.

The practice of family law gives Kevin a unique opportunity to connect to clients and provide individualized care to each client during some of their darkest moments. Kevin’s varied background offers him a unique perspective, which helps him bring a caring attitude and empathy to every case he takes on. Kevin specializes in effectively communicating with his clients, opposing counsel, and even judges! He knows how to melt complicated legal terms and concepts into easily digestible morsels so that his clients can understand every step of the process. On the other hand, he is adept at using the language of the law to negotiate and litigate his way through cases with ease.

While Kevin expertly handles every case thrown his way, he finds that he most enjoys cases where he can have an open dialogue with his client. The clear line of communication allows him to easily acquaint himself with the case and more effectively understand his client’s goals.

Kevin has continued to serve his community throughout his career by taking pro-bono cases through Metro Volunteer Lawyers, the Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocacy Network, and various other legal help clinics. Kevin is also a former board member at Metro Volunteer Lawyers.

Outside of work, Kevin loves to travel, especially when he can learn about new cultures and meet new people! He has lived in various states and travelled all-around the world and continues to expand his mind both in his practice of law, and in his personal life!

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